About us

Axus Learn is an online learning platform for Commerce stream students that will provide end-to-end support in their Higher Secondary syllabus and prepare them for Board Examinations in addition to laying the groundwork for preparing competitive examinations. 

People Behind Axus Learn

It is because of both Balaji V and Gokulraj that Axus Learn came to be. Axus Learn is the result of their passions merged together.

Mr. K Gokulraj Karunamoorethy, CA

(Founder Axus Learn)

Known for his excellent mentoring of his students, he helps them to realize their full potential in the field of Chartered Accountancy. As an ardent advocate for educating youths, he proposed creating an online platform that lays the foundation right from the start, thus making the transition to further training in commerce easier.

Mr. Balaji V

(Partner & IT consultant)

A highly skilled professional with more than 18 years of IT consulting experience, encompassing strong technical skills and an aptitude for managing challenging situations to successful outcomes. He was involved in a large number of consulting, enterprise solutions, technical architecture, process automation, and solution deployments across various countries.