Business maths

Systems of EquationsSystems of linear equations, methods of solution
Applications of MatricesStrong information, input-output analysis, transition matrices for market share.
Analytical GeometryStandard equations, tracing the conics, derivation of standard equations
Sequences and SeriesProgressions and number sums, application in commerce
Applications of DifferentiationFunctions in Economics and Commerce, derivative as a rate of measure, derivative as a measure of slope, maxima and minima, applications of maxima and minima, partial derivatives, errors, and applications.
Applications of IntegrationDefinite integral, area under a curve, commuting producer’s surplus and consumer surplus.
Differential EquationsThe formula of differential equations, I Order variables, II Order linear equations with constant coefficients, applications.
Probability DistributionRandom variable, probability functions, mathematical expectation, discrete and continuous distribution.